Dynamic behaviour of nanocomposites

Dynamic behaviour of nanocomposites Epoxy resins and their composites are characterized by high stiffness, good chemical resistance and excellent fatigue performance. However, their high cross-linking density makes them brittle. In order to improve the overall mechanical performance of epoxy resins, various fillers, such as silica nanocomposites, can be added. Because of the good combination of […]

Dynamic behaviour of polymers

Dynamic behaviour of polymers Epoxy resins are characterized by a good combination of mechanical properties, such as high stiffness and excellent fatigue performance. Besides that, they are typically designed for resin transfer molding (RTF) applications, which offer a low-cost alternative to conventional production processes for several aircraft components. However, aircraft structures might be subjected to […]

Dynamic behaviour of fiber-reinforced composites

Dynamic behaviour of fiber-reinforced composites Dynamic testing of brittle materials with low fracture strains, such as composites or ceramics, is challenging. Indeed, the commonly used Split Hopkinson bar setups have been developed for large deformation materials, typically metals. In particular, the following aspects need to be addressed carefully: Achievement of early quasi-static equilibrium in the […]


DyMaForm Motivated by the increased use of high-speed forming processes in the industry, the DyMaForm project was launched in spring 2021. In order to facilitate the design and use of these processes, the project aims to group a wide range of numerical and experimental tools into a unique Dynamic Forming Toolkit. This allows identifying and […]

Dynamic behaviour of titanium alloy

Dynamic behaviour of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V is the most used titanium alloy, due to the excellent combination of low weight, good mechanical properties and resistance to severe service conditions. Both in its applications (aircraft components, turbine blades, sports equipment, …) and during its production processes (machining, punching, deep drawing, incremental forming, cutting, …), Ti-6Al-4V is […]


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Dynamic Behaviour of Advanced High Strength Steel

Advanced high strength steels (AHSSs) are characterized by an excellent balance of strength and ductility and are therefore ideally suited for automotive applications. DyMaLab has a long tradition of research into the impact-dynamic and crashworthiness properties of automotive steels. Steels of the first, second and current third generation AHSSs have been studied. Key element of […]

Dynamic Fracture Behaviour of Pipeline Steel

The occurrence of a longitudinal crack propagating along a high pressure gas pipeline is a catastrophic event, which involves both economic losses and environmental damage. Hence, the fracture propagation control is essential to ensure pipeline integrity. Modern fracture control strategies for high pressure pipelines rely on numerical simulations of ductile crack propagations and arrest. The […]

Constitutive Material Modelling

DyMaLab is actively involved in constitutive material modelling to simulate the dynamic response of materials and structures. Based on experimental observations, material models are developed to describe the influence of strain rate and temperature on the elastoplastic and damage response of engineering materials. Capabilities Finite Element Analysis Software DyMaLab Material Models Crystal Plasticity Models Material […]

Measurement Techniques

The quality of material characterization hinges on the applied measurement techniques.  DyMaLab has a proven track record in the field of optical, full-field deformation measurements. Both static and dynamic techniques are available to obtain high accuracy material data under different loading conditions. Capabilities High Speed Cameras Stereo Digital Image Correlation Digital Image Correlation Software Phase […]