MST Dymalab

Static small sample testing

DyMaLab has designed and developed static test infrastructure for tensile and compressive testing of purpose-designed miniaturized samples. The home-grown small sample test setups include a micro test device for the quasi-static strain rate regime capable of measuring (very) low force levels at small displacements.

The DyMaLab setups, skills and competencies in small sample testing can be applied for e.g.

  • Characterization of heterogeneous properties of welds and functionally graded materials
  • Characterization of lab samples produced by severe plastic deformation
  • Characterization of mechanical properties of thin films and coatings
  • In-situ observation of deforming samples in microscopes

Technical Specifications

  • Static load cells of 200 N, 1 kN and 5 kN
  • Static speed range of 0,0005 mm/s to 0,016 mm/s
  • Symmetrical clamp displacement, travel up to 20 mm
  • Digital Image Correlation to capture local strain fields
  • Two 5 Mpxl cameras for full-field sample deformation measurements